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Daniel and Debbie Schwartz

Daniel and Debbie Schwartz

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Hartley and Faye Koschitzky

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Gary and Hildee Weiss

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Bnei Akiva US & Canada


90 Years. 

90 Years of Religious Zionism

90 Years of Youth Empowerment

90 Years of Torah V'Avodah

90 Years of Inspiring, Leading, Empowering 

Children, Students, Young Professionals, and Families

Encouraging Aliyah, love of the state of Israel, devotion to the Torah and personal responsibility for the Jewish people. 

Am Yisrael, B'Eretz Yisrael, Al Pi Torat Yisrael. 

After 90 years of providing support, programming, and investing in our Jewish future, we now come to YOU for just 24 hours to help Give BAck so we can continue the work we do and continue supporting our communities.



Your donation today helps fuel these high-impact projects at Bnei Akiva:

Moshava Ba'ir New Jersey Camp Inclusion Program

Youth Leadership Training and Programming

BAbayit Young Professional Programs

Scholarships for Summer and Gap Year Programs

An Innovative Experiential Chinuch Program

And much more!

Every dollar you give is QUADRUPLED!

Remember: We must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or all donations will be returned.

About Bnei Akiva

Since 1929, Bnei Akiva has stood for and with the land of Israel and Jewish Youth. With well over 100,000 members in more than 40 countries, Bnei Akiva has helped shine a light on the future for close to a century.

Bringing the Mission to Life

Bnei Akiva is at the forefront of Religious Zionist education for youth, by youth. We have chapters across the United States, Canada, and the world over. Bnei Akiva school–year and summer educational programming takes participants and members from childhood through the college years.

Mission Statement

Bnei Akiva of the US & Canada provides high quality religious Zionist education and programs for North American Jewish youth along with their families and communities. Basing ourselves on the principles of Torah v’Avodah, we encourage aliyah, love of the Jewish people, and love of Israel.

Vision Statement

Bnei Akiva of the US & Canada is the premier religious Zionist youth movement dedicated to growing generations of Jews committed to building a society devoted to Torah and the Jewish people in the state of Israel.

A leader in experiential and informal learning, the lessons gained at Bnei Akiva are won through personal experience and last a lifetime. Whether it’s in one of the snifim, regional meetings, national programs, or international Shabbatons, we are there to help build the foundation today, and everyday, for the boon of tomorrow.


$ 114,468

Goal $ 160,000