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Kehillas Simchas HaTorah

Help us Build Our Home

Kehillas Simchas HaTorah is a growing community of English-speaking families who have left their support systems behind to live in Eretz Yisroel.

What first began as a few men gathering for a Friday night minyan has blossomed into a full-fledged community. We daven together, celebrate together, mourn together, and take care of each other. Our kehilla has taken the place of the family and friends we've left in America. Living in a predominantly Israeli town, having a community that understands us is the only way we can make it!

But there's one thing missing—the central core of our kehilla. We have no makom kavua in which to daven or learn, no place for communal events. We daven in a cramped yeshiva classroom on Shabbos, rent a room for Shavuos night learning, hire a sukkah for Simchos Bais Hasho'eva, and hold our Chanukah and Purim mesibos in different members' homes.

Baruch Hashem, we have the opportunity to build a home for our community—a hub of Torah, tefillah and spiritual growth. The municipality granted us a centrally located plot of land, and we have already raised more than half the construction costs. We still need $100,000 to complete our home, and we have until Monday midnight to raise it.

Will you join us in our mission of making sure all English-speakers have a place to call home in beautiful Beitar Illit B?

Thank you,

Chavrei Hakehillah

(All shekel donations should be entered in dollars. For example, 36 NIS should be entered as $10)

6 d 21 h
37 m 45

$ 68,479

Goal $ 100,000